Change in size of aperture from fully opened to minimum diameter

Controlling your camera


Photography 3.0


Medicolegal photography

Hexagonal structure of micro minerals

Scientific photography

Photograph showing the cleft chin of a mandible from Northumberland Park

Clinical photography

The effect of total internal reflection seen in the crazed piece of broken glass.

Learning resources for photography

Why study with us?

What makes this site different?

In this site we are unashamedly taking a technical and scientific approach to photography. Our philosophy is that if you learn how to control the camera and know about its capabilities then you can concentrate on looking at what you see through the viewfinder, or in modern cameras the screen or even connected computer's screen, and capturing what you want rather than what the camera thinks you want.

Why should you learn from us?

David Bryson has been a professional photographer for over 35 years since qualifying as a clinical photographer at the University Hopsital of Wales, Cardiff. He has been teaching photography for 25+ years first on the HNC in Medical and Technical Photography at Berkshire College of Art & Design, Reading and then leading the BSc (Hons) in Biological Imaging at the University of Derby. He still teaches scientific and forensic photography in the College of Life and Natural Sciences.

What kind of photographs do you take?

In developing teaching and learning materials it is inevitable that some photographs we use will be showing how not to do things i.e. the good, the bad and the ugly.  However, it is also good to look at the kind of photographs we take even if your projects will work in different directions. For recent projects look at Behance and for a larger number of photographs including those taken for press and publicity purposes see our photolibrary at

How good are you at teaching?

David Bryson has developed his expertise in learning and teaching first through taking a Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching, including Visual Education, at Aberystwyth University and whilst at the University of Derby becoming a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Part of his work at the University has included teaching on the Postgraduate Programme in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education and being a Teaching Fellow with a focus on personal development planning (PDP) and continuing professional development (CPD). Many of his graduating students are now working professionally as photographers in clinical and general photography as well as crime scene managers.

How can I contact you for further details?

For each of the topics at the top of this page there are individual web pages describing the learning packages in more detail as well as additional courses and learning materials. If there is a specific course you would like or part of a larger course you want but don't want to pay the full-price please let us know. We can be contacted via the contact form or directly via e-mail at

As the learning site develops further we will be adding more course and materials so do keep an eye out for updates, see for current courses.

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